the words of jessus.
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i’m convinced no one in soshi has learned how to properly clap.

13/ gifs of Goddess Hwang

나, 깜짝! 멘붕이야!



There is a ferry ship from Incheon to Jeju that is currently sinking with about 450 people on board, mostly students on a field trip. It’s off the coast Jindo right now (just a few miles from where I live) and the Coast Guards are working as fast as they can.

Please keep everyone in your prayers!


# :(



Hello cool followers! I’m HEARTAE, a fellow SONE, (or just Arlen lol) Anyways, I want to tell you something today. I’m part of a musical group (Lo’Primo). We are cousins :D Yesterday we released our first cover. It would be awesome if you guys could support us, (ofc if you like the music hahaha). Just reblog this if you like it and help us ^^

(I’m the one that plays the guitar and that sings at last hahaha).

If you want to know more about me and us just go here! Thank you <3 really. 

 With Love

- Arlén T.

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